Nigerian Dwarf Goats




Nigerian Dwarf Prices:  Kids, Does $500 and up, depending on dam's wins and milking awards.  Bucks $400 and up, bucks with stars (milking), inherited from their sire and dam are priced higher. Wethers $100.  Our quality stock sells quickly and we recommend placing a reservation for the goat or breeding of your choice.  We register with the ADGA and AGS.  We are no longer registering with the NDGA, but our stock can be registered with them by making an application. 


Prices quoted are for animals picked up at our farm and paid for by Check, Cash, Credit Cards (through PayPal) or PayPal for livestock transactions.  If PayPal is used, add 3% to the purchase for the PayPal Fees.  Please call us before a PayPal payment is made. Additional charges including kennels, health certificates, state required testing, shipping costs, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer.  We will ship your goat or goats to where ever.  But please let us know if unusual tests or import permits into the state is required.  We can get it done, but need time to get it all done and if it can not be done will let you know quickly before a deposit is made and lost.  We try our best to get what needs to be done for a goat to fly to their new home.  We do not have the time to check each state or country to find out what is required.  Please let us know in advance if your state or country needs something special.  We leave it up to you, the buyer to let us know what needs to be done.  Thank you.

Reservations can be made with a $100 (Non-Refundable) deposit for Nigerian Dwarf unborn kids or other kids.  If the kid of your choice is not born we will either apply it to another kid at your request or you can wait for the next breeding.  A $200 (Non-Refundable) deposit will hold the kid of your choice, already born for one month or until weaned (Dam Raised), while shipping arrangements are made. Bottle babies must be picked up as soon as possible.  We expect bottle bables to be picked up by 2 weeks of age.

If the kid of your choice is not born or something happens to the kid, the deposit will be held over for the next breeding, put toward another kid, or refunded at the discretion of Oldesouth Farm. If a client changes their mind or can not pick the goat up for what ever reason, the deposit or any other funds paid toward the purchase is Not Refundable.  

If an animal is posted as being "Exposed" to a buck we do not guarantee that animal is pregnant.  "Exposed" simply means that animal has been in with a buck for a period of time and should be pregnant.  It does not guarantee pregnancy or the #'s of bucks or does.  There will be no refund of money under any circumstance for a doe that aborts or the kids pass away. 

***We are now performing BioPRYN Pregnancy Testing on selected does and this will be noted in the Sales Section of the Bred Doe and listed as Pregnant per BioPRYN testing.

All Nigerian Dwarf kids are disbudded between 5 & 7 days of age, unless other arrangements are made.  Kids are sold at 8 weeks, wormed, their first CD/T vaccination, and disbudded (dehorned),   **We have no problem not dehorning if requested in advanced with full payment. 



All my goats are tested yearly for CAE and are Negative. 

***  We test for CAE and Johne's. The entire herd is NEGATIVE with our latest test March 2017 and our 15th year of a negative herd!! *** We test all new stock coming into the herd for CL, CAE and Johne's.  We are a TB & Brucellosis tested herd. Then we will continue our Certification with yearly TB and Brucellosis testing.  

**We have the right to retain any of our stock.

Occasionally adult stock for sale, call for current information.  334-327-9252 or email at: oldesouthfarm@gmail.com.


Please call for more info: 334-327-9252

**Click on picture above for more pictures.   

   Our mission is to produce Excellent Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We participate in LA and DHIR. No Politics, no BS, just production and the best we can produce.  Our Dairy Goats are a passion and we strive to produce the best.

Dr Terry Babb, Pharm D