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American Dairy Goat Association

This Dairy Goat Association has become the main registry in the south and has the most shows.  They have a very sophisticated website and are online with DHIR.


Dairy One is our DHIA Provider out of Ithaca, New York.

American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association


American Goat Society
This registry is for most breeds of Dairy Goats.
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association

This is a great Nigerian Dwarf Association, focusing on the Smaller Dairy Goat.  Thier height measurements for does is 21 inches and bucks is 23 inches. They have fun shows with classes for wethers and dry does.

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   Our mission is to produce Excellent Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We participate in LA and DHIR. No Politics, no BS, just production and the best we can produce.  Our Dairy Goats are a passion and we strive to produce the best.

Dr Terry Babb, Pharm D