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We are a small working family farm.  We are not a Hobby Farm.  We are serious about Quality.  We are not Organic, but try to raise our animals in the most natural way possible for our area.  We raise Performance Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that milk.  Above is the 2015 Remodel of our milking Parlor to milk two goats at once.

My name is MsTerry Babb and I grew up on a farm in Armada, Michigan.  My entire family and extended family are all farmers.  We raised Cash Crops of corn, oats, wheat, soy, and navy beans as well as vegetable produce.  Many of  the surrounding farms were Cattle Dairy Farms.  I have always had a way with animals and raised rabbits to finance my horse 4-H project.  I later went to college at Michigan State University and received a degree in Animal Husbandry and Dairy Cattle. 

After the Military I went to the Medical University of South Carolina and earned my BS in Pharmacy.  I later attended the University of Florida and received my Doctorate of Pharmacy degree which is a Pharm. D.  I currently work as a Clinical Pharmacist at a local Hospital.

We can assist you with registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, for Milk, Show and Pets.  We are one of the few Nigerian Breeders WHO ACTUALLY MILK OUR GOATS! 

We have received our Alabama License to sell Raw Goat Milk for Animal Usage since 2011.  Our Milking Parlor is pictured above & clean room below:

Our customers are our priority and we always welcome suggestions or comments to improve our service and relationships.

   Our mission is to produce Excellent Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We participate in LA and DHIR. No Politics, no BS, just production and the best we can produce.  Our Dairy Goats are a passion and we strive to produce the best.

Dr Terry Babb, Pharm D