Proud to be the Home of SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M AR, 3*D AR.  This beautiful doe earned her Championship in a three show sweep and a BEST DOE IN SHOW.  ***ADGA NUMBER ONE IN BUTTER FAT, NUMBER 3 IN PRODUCTION AND 5TH IN PROTEIN for 2015***



 WELCOME to Sweet Home Alabama and our Farm. Located in Selma, Alabama.  



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*** 2016:  We have 5 DOES on the ADGA 2015 Production Breedleaders List!  SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 3*M, 4*D is Number ONE in Production and Protein, Number TWO in Butter Fat!  SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M, 3*D is Number ONE in Butter Fat, Number THREE in Production and Number 5 in Protein!  SG Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M, 2*D is Number SIX in Production, Number 6 in Butter Fat, and Number 7 in Protein.  SG Farm Oldesouth M Sun Bright 4*M, 5*D also made the Top Ten in 5th place Butter Fat!   


** 2016:  Two of our does have earned SG (Superior Genetics Awards) from ADGA.  SG Farm Oldesouth Gold Sapphire 5*M, 4*D, and SG Farm Oldesouth Cafe Royal Cafe 4*M, 4*D.  


Latest Shows:


**10/29/16: Alabama National Fair (2 ring show):  Farm Oldesouth Gold Sapphire 4*M, 5*D was Grand Champion SR DOE.  Farm Oldesouth Blue Hot Passion won Grand Champion JR and BEST JR DOE IN SHOW.  SGCH/ARMCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M, 3*D won BEST OF BREED and BEST SR DOE IN SHOW. Ring 1


SG Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M, 2*D won Grand Champion SR DOE and her last leg for her Championship.  This should finish her SGCH award.  SGCH/ARMCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M, 3*D won BEST OF BREED. Ring 2

**Our girls also took BEST 3 DOES IN MILK and BEST DAIRY HERD in both rings.  This was over all the other breeds, not just the Nigerians.


**4/30/16: Carrollton, Ga,  *B Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *S won his last Grand Champion SR Buck award to finish his Grand Championship.  Farm Oldesouth HR Exquisite won Grand Champion JR Doe in ring 2, earning her Dry Leg.  SG Sugar Moon RB Faith 3*M, 4*D, won Reserve Grand Champion in ring two.



 CH Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *B, *S


Farm Oldesouth HR Exquisite



**SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 4*M, 5*D has earned the Platinum ANDDA  Sue Rucker JUJU Milk Production Award.  

**SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppucino 3*M, 3*D earned the Platinum JUJU Production Award. 

**SGCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D has earned the Platinum ANDDA Sue Rucker JUJU Production Award. 

**SGCH Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M, 2*D has earned the Gold Sue Rucker JUJU Production Award. 

**SG Farm Oldesouth M Sun Bright 4*M, 5*D earned Gold JUJU Sue Rucker Production Award.

**Farm Oldesouth SD Deese 3*M, 4*D, earned the Gold Award

**Oldesouth Galloway 2*M, *D earned Gold JUJU Award for Milk or Butter Fat Production.

SG Farm Oldesouth Gold Sappire 4*M, 5*D earned the Silver JUJU Award.

SG Farm Oldesouth VR Aurora  3*M, 3*D earned the Silver JUJU award.


 We are a Working Family Farm.  We offer Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that milk for the discriminating buyer looking for EXCELLENCE.  ***We are the FIRST Nigerian Herd on DHIR (milk test for goats) in Alabama.  


Our Nigerian Dairy goats are bred for Milk Production and Correct Conformation.  We are your source for your next Show or Milk Star, Performance Nigerian Dwarf Goat.

**March  2016, our entire herd was tested negative for CAE & Johne's Disease.  We test our entire herd EVERY year, this being our 14th year of testing and all negative herd!


Email us at: oldesouth@charter.net

Call us at:  334-327-9252



Come sit down and stay awhile.  Our Farm Blog is at:   http://oldesouthfarm.blogspot.com  


**Our Blog is a chronicle of farm life, documenting our country lives for you to experience & share with us ...  Enjoy your visit & our Southern Hospitality...

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   Our mission is to produce Excellent Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We participate in LA and DHIR. No Politics, no BS, just production and the best we can produce.  Our Dairy Goats are a passion and we strive to produce the best.

Dr Terry Babb, Pharm D