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SG Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M AR, 2*D AR 2714, 2+DAR


**2015 LA 90, EXCELLENT VEEE  This doe is a fourth freshener in 2015 with Quintuplets!  Sunshine is now a second generation SG doe!  She earned the ANDDA Sue Rucker GOLD JU JU award 2014 for Milk and BF Production.

This lovely is sired by our Oldesouth Shell Foop, out of SG LTE Silene 1*M, *D, *DAR.  We have a combination of PGCH/MCH/GCH SM3Pines Jurens Swell Foop +B/ +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S, +DAR, Woodhaven Farms/ Echo Point bloodlines.  Silene is the extreme of fine bone and dairy qualities.  Oldesouth Shell Foop has width, length and strength.  The group of fine genetics has blended into this lovely young doe.  We have 21 inch doe, udder, perfict teat placement and ultimate refinement.  Sunshine is a full sister to Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr. (Below is Sunshine as a three year old winning Grand Champion Sr Doe in milk, her first leg toward her championship at the Alabama National Fair.  She is showing her pregnancy)

***Sunshine"s daughter Bootsie has LAed 86 as a second freshener and her sister a year younger as a first freshener has LAed 85!






Oldesouth Sunshine's first freshening udder below:



This doe's first show was the National Alabama Fair.  She placed first in a huge class of first freshening does.  We look forward to her next freshening and this year she missed our DHIR Verification testing.  2013 will be her year to prove herself in milk and the show ring. 

Below is Sunshine's second freshening udder with 12 hours of milk.  This Pixie faced girl can milk!

















2014 281 966 70 7.2 43 4.5



Above and Below is Sunshine's second freshening udder.


Oldesouth Shell Foop

+*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S,+DAR

Rosasharn SP Mercury *S

ARMCH Rosasharn’s SW Soporro *S E

SG ARMCH Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2 *D E, 2*M EEEV

2005 AGS National Champion

ARMCH Rosasharn's UMT Honey Bee 4*D E, 4*M

ARMCH Rosasharn's Under My Thumb + *S

SG ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D

 2007 National AGS Champion Sr Doe & Best Udder

LTE Olde Butter

PGCH/ MCH/ CH SM3Pines JurEn’s Swell Foop +B

1 x Best in Show

Creek Road Envoy

ARMCH Gay-Mor Berry’s Jurassic 2*D

LTE Jasminum  1*M

Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend

Woodhaven Farms Moon Dust

SG LTE Silene 1*M,*D, +DAR

LA 2011 90 EEEE

Woodhaven Farms Rand McNally

Green Gate Moon Raker

Green Gate Star Man

Green Gate Glass Slipper

North Rock Bottom Betty *D

Woodhaven Farm Blue Blaze

North Rock Bottom Gypsy

Echo Point Divinity

Woodhaven Farms Divine Appointment

MCH Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak

Willow Creek Single White Rose

Echo Point Sunshine

Brush Creek Van Gogh

Woodhaven Farms Fleur-De-Lis

   Our mission is to produce Excellent Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We participate in LA and DHIR. 

Terry Babb